Engagement Stories

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Engagement Stories – Mary Catherine Damon & Ryan Alford – July/August 2017

Stories that Touch the Heart and Inspire


Engagement Stories – Ashley Warrell and Kent Kreiner – March/April 2017

Not only is Ashley Warrell the manager at Dress Me Bridal Boutique, she is also a future bride, planning to get married to her fiancé Kent on their five year…

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Engagement Stories – Priscilla Frazier and Cody Beckham – March/April 2017

Priscilla Frazier and Cody Beckham’s first date was a terrifying one, but it couldn’t scare away love. The day was like any other. Priscilla, her best friend, and Cody (the…


Engagement Stories – Sydney Alvidrez and Bryan McBride – March/April 2017

Photos by Sam Frawley Photography Bryan and Sydney started dating as freshmen in high school, “baby 14-year-olds!” as Sydney exclaimed. “Seven years later and we still love each other like…


Engagement Stories – March 2016

Stories that touch the heart and inspire.


Engagement Stories – May-June 2015

Stories that Touch the Heart and Inspire


Engagement Stories – January 2015

Stories That Touch The Heart and Inspire.


Engagement Stories – January 2015

Ashlee Milner & Jason Scoggins Photography by Kody Thompson Photography Ashlee Milner and Jason Scoggins knew each other for 15 years but they lost touch with each other in 2002 when…


Engagement Stories – September 2014

Leonor Cerda & Shane Thompson.


Engagement Stories – July 2014

Brittany Parisi & Ryan Geiger   I proposed to my fiancé in the Paris section of Walt Disney World in March! We always have wanted to visit Paris, but couldn’t…


Engagement Stories – May 2014

A romantic scavenger hunt and a proposal under the sea are two unforgettable engagement stories not to be missed.


Engagement Stories – March 2014

A frightening traffic stop on the way to a George Strait concert turns into a proposal this bride will never forget.


Engagement Stories – July 2013

Chelsie Loftin and Luke Spencer Luke Spencer and Chelsie Loftin met two years ago while they were both were attending the University of Miami School of Law. One of Chelsie’s…

Photo by Donna Cummings

Engagement Stories – May 2013

Emily Kelley and Blake Taylor had been dating for a while. In the summer Blake reminded Emily that she needed to take off work because they were attending a November 16 Texas A&M football game.

Chelsea Jenkins & Steven Christopher / Photo by Megan Fortner

Engagement Stories – March 2013

Chelsea Jenkins & Steven Christopher Courtney Jenkins & Aaron Cardino Twenty five years ago,  Mike and Kim Jenkins were blessed with two beautiful twin daughters, Chelsea and Courtney. Their whole…

Photo by Brandi Burkett Photography

Engagement Stories – September 2012

Casey Clanahan and Tyler Griffith Casey Clanahan and Tyler Griffith’s families had always known each other since they live in such a small town. They became friends through their sisters…

Photography by Dena

Engagement Stories – July 2012

It was on Black Friday morning and Kristen Lewis and Stephen Kimbro were at the mall shopping. She was headed into Bath and Body works and Stephen said he was going to Bealls.


Engagement Stories – May 2012

Jessica Drew and Justin Hurst Jessica Drew met Justin Hurst at a college bible study group one night in 2004. Justin was playing pool before the group started and Jessica…

Photo by BlueGarden Photography

Engagement Stories – March 2012

Areli Enríquez and Alan Josserand Areli and Alan went to see the North Carolina Symphony in Raleigh on New Year’s Eve. What a night full of glamour! Opera, classic music……

Photo by American Classic Photography

Engagement Stories – January 2012

Jessica Gee and Blake Ross Jessica and Blake first met at a karate class 6 years ago. Blake says he knew he would marry Jessica from the first day. On…

Being in The Wedded Bliss was a dream come true! It gave me a chance to share with family and friends that were not able to attend my Big Day.  Being on the cover made me feel like a star everywhere I went. It made me feel special for people to ask how they could one day be one the cover of The Wedded Bliss, too.
- Ashley Posey

Engagement Stories – November 2011

Kayli Steger and Derek Head Kayli and Derek met when they were 14 at a mutual friend’s house and went on their first date to a movie. They stayed friends…